Our statement on equity, diversity and inclusion

AGITG’s mission is to undertake person-centred, practice-changing collaborative research into gastro-intestinal (GI) cancers. To be truly person-centred and practice changing, our research must involve and reflect the diverse needs of people with all types of GI cancer across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. We acknowledge the inherent inequity and imbalance in power and privilege in our health and research systems and the impact this inequity has on outcomes for certain population groups and in particular for Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Māori people with cancer. We recognise the need to purposefully improve how we work to change this inequity.

AGITG benefits from a diverse and collaborative workplace and membership. We strive to be open and inclusive, and we seek, welcome and value different perspectives. Across our workplace, membership and committees, we are proactively fostering an environment and culture that values, respects and is safe for people of any age, gender, ethnicity, cultural or socioeconomic background, faith or religion, sexual orientation, geographic location or disability. Through our organisational and research strategies we are taking steps to understand and address areas of inequity and are prioritising efforts to address significant areas of need.

We are genuine in our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion. We recognise that this commitment will strengthen the relevance, reach and impact of our research. We are on a journey of listening, learning and taking action. We are continually making improvements but know we can always do better. We welcome reflections and ideas about where and how we can improve.


Our goals for equity, diversity and inclusion


Principles underpinning our approach to equity, diversity and inclusion


Demonstrated action and continual improvement

Respect for all perspectives, even if they are uncomfortable to hear

Authentic commitment to build and strengthen our knowledge and networks

Transparent reporting and benchmarking of activities and outcomes

Commitment to improving outcomes for Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Māori people

Genuine and open commitment to sharing


A comment on our EDI statement, December 2023

The EDI statement is a statement of intent for AGITG and GI Cancer Institute. It is an acknowledgement of the need for continual and sustained effort to understand and address the factors that contribute to disparities in outcomes for people with GI cancers in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.

We know that the factors contributing to disparities in outcomes are complex. Many require significant systemic and cultural change. We don’t purport to have all of the answers nor do we think that change will be easy. We won’t always get it right. However, we are committed to trying and know that our efforts will ultimately strengthen the reach and relevance of our research.

We are already taking steps to increase the diversity of AGITG membership and our Committees. Over the past year our Board and staff have undertaken cultural competency training and we are embedding this as an expectation for all new starters. And we are implementing ways to make it easier for people to participate in our research, through e-consent, tele-trials and translations.

We are at the start of a journey of improvement and will continue to strengthen our efforts in this space as part of our next strategic planning cycle. This will include working with other like-minded organisations, sharing what we are learning and leveraging activities that are already working elsewhere.

We will be sharing examples of our activities on our website and through our newsletters and other forums. We invite members, partners and the GI cancer community to challenge our thinking, let us know what’s working and remind us when we can do better. We look forward to hearing your ideas and feedback and to sharing our progress with you. You can contact us here.