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Translational research and Pancreatic Cancer

Your support will help us track changes in the behaviour of a patient’s immune system and gut bacteria (the microbiome) on their treatment journey, so we can potentially identify those patients who may benefit most from this treatment into the future. It will help us take a big step towards more personalised medicine for pancreatic cancer.

Recent studies are highlighting fascinating new connections between the body’s immune system, gut bacteria and pancreatic tumours.

The aim of the new NEO IMPACT translational research project is to track and analyse the relationship between the patient’s immune system, their tumour and their gut bacteria throughout their treatment to build a more complete picture of their role in fighting the cancer.

Please help ensure our research can continue by donating today.

Funding for GI cancer research is scarce and translational research programs like these are often last in line.

We need to raise $200,000 to support the NEO IMPACT translational research project. That funding will help cover the costs of specialised sequencing analysis to examine the DNA from the patient’s gut microbes, and their tissue samples, and determine how it changes during treatment.

There’s so much we have yet to learn about pancreatic cancer and the NEO IMPACT translational research will give us a wellspring of insights that could change the way we treat patients in years to come.

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