"I had two choices:
Act like the sky had fallen in, or fight"

Grant Mundell received a Stage 4 NETs diagnosis, aged 39.

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“When I was really sick, all I wanted was for life to be normal. Not extra-special – just ‘dinner with my wife and daughters’ normal”

When Grant was diagnosed with a GI cancer called neuroendocrine tumours (NETs) – his world fell apart…

“It’s hard to really describe the shock I felt. I was only 39 years old and in the prime of life. I was fit and active and I had no history of cancer in my family. I couldn’t really believe what was happening to me.

The truth hit me in that moment – cancer can strike anyone.

I came to learn about the incredible and important work being done by the GI Cancer Institute in Australia. As a patient, I can tell you that when you are faced with a cancer diagnosis, you can feel very, very alone. Support networks become very important. Nothing matters more than knowing that someone is working on finding answers that could help you.”

Help fund the NETs clinical trial

Right now, the GI Cancer Institute is raising funds for a clinical trial for NETs patients. Called STOPNET, it’s aiming to give patients back some ‘normal’ in their life. The trial is available both on-site and as a teletrial, so that more NETs patients can be part of the trial – no matter where they live in Australia.

“Please help the GI Cancer Institute raise funds for trials like STOPNET by donating today to improve the lives of patients like me.”

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