I was a fit, healthy mum. How could I have pancreatic cancer?

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Cancer completely upended my world

My name is Katie Bryant. I have a loving husband and a beautiful son who is 13 now. I used to have a pretty normal life. Then, four years ago, when I was 45, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer completely upended my world and made me question everything I thought was important. Most of all, it’s made me realise just how vital organisations like GI Cancer Institute are – what an incredible, lifesaving role they play.

I believe that, with your support, we can have more life-changing treatments for people with cancer – including the thousands of others who will be diagnosed after me.

Thank you for your donation.


The GI Cancer Institute is committed to finding answers for pancreatic cancer. Right now, we’re seeking funding for a new pancreatic cancer trial, called PemOla.

This trial is aiming to help boost the effectiveness of immunotherapy for people with a very advanced and aggressive form of pancreatic cancer. We are narrowing our focus to people whose cancer has a ‘high mutational burden’ – we think these people will benefit most.

Because pancreatic cancer has such a poor prognosis we think that we can demonstrate, even in a very select population, that we can make a significant impact on people that have otherwise a terminal disease. We ask for your support to prove that is in fact the case.

– Dr Daniel Croagh

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