Rectal Cancer Research Grant

Funded by the GI Cancer Institute

Congratulations to the winners of our newest grant, the Rectal Cancer Research Grant. The combined winners to collaborate are:

Dr Margaret Lee – PREDICT: Patient Derived Tumour Organoid Treatment Sensitivity to guide neoadjuvant therapy decision making in locally advanced rectal cancer, and

Prof Vicki Whitehall – PROSECCO: Predicting Neoadjuvant Chemo-Radiotherapy Sensitivity in Rectal Cancer Patients

This grant is only available to AGITG members thanks to the generous donations of our dedicated GI cancer community supporters.

The purpose of the grant is to develop concepts that will enhance the AGITG research program through investment in projects based on scientific merit, feasibility and alignment with AGITG research priorities, to improve outcomes for people with rectal cancer. A grant of up to $200,000 is available to support a new research project in rectal cancer.


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