Cate and Bronte supporting research

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Olympians Cate and Bronte Campbell will make a special appearance at the Relays 4 Research Swim Meet to be held on March 19 at Dunlop Pool, Corinda, QLD from 7:00am — 9:00am.

Cate and Bronte are participating in the meet in support of Dr Melissa Eastgate, Medical Oncologist at the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital, who is raising awareness and funds for gastro-intestinal (GI) cancer research.

“GI cancer is the most common cause of cancer in Australia impacting over 24,000 families each year,” said Dr Eastgate. “I see the devastating impact these cancers have on families each day in my practice. So, I decided to do something gutsy and trek the Larapinta trail in a Gutsy Challenge  to raise funds for much needed research to find better treatments and improve survival rates for my patients with these cancers.”

At the swim meet, Cate and Bronte will be making an appearance to encourage people to support medical research.

“With a five year survival rate of only 49% as compared to 90% for breast cancer and 92% for prostate cancer, it is important to get the word out and to improve treatments for people with GI cancer”.

GI Cancers affect the oesophagus, stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, bowel, rectum and anus and 33 Australians die every day from GI cancer.

For more information about the Swim Meet at the Dunlop Pool, click here

To support Dr Eastgate in her challenge to raise funds for GI cancer research in Australia go to: and click on Melissa.