It’s my birthday – helping support GI Cancer Research!

Marcus Dawe Card

Finding a way to fundraise for many can feel like a difficult task, however increasingly individuals are choosing to support us by setting up ‘In Celebration’ fundraising pages – asking for friends and family to donate to the GI Cancer Institute in lieu of gifts or presents.

Marcus Dawe is one such supporter who recently celebrated his 50th birthday!

Unfortunately his Aunt Helen, someone who loved the ocean and fishing (pictured above), had just tragically passed away from pancreatic cancer. So with this, and knowing that his friends and family may find it hard to buy a present for him, he set up an ‘It’s my birthday’ fundraising page and encouraged those who were stuck for a gift idea to simply donate to the GI Cancer Institute instead.

As Marcus stated on his fundraising page, donations to the GI Cancer Institute “help find solutions to stop, cure and save lives of our family and friends who may be faced with this terrible disease.”

The generosity of his family and friends raised over $3300 for GI Cancer Research and we are very grateful for this support!

If you would like to set up your own ‘In Celebration’ fundraising page it is really simple – just CLICK HERE to get started!