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Colorectal Cancer

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Genotype-guided Personalised Fluoropyrimidine Dosing: Feasibility and Implementation. (GENESCREEN 5-FU Trial).


In Australia Up to 10,000 cancer patients per year require fluoropyrimidine (FP) chemotherapy, as part of both curative and palliative regimens. These chemotherapies can cause a variety of toxicities with up to 30% of patients experiencing severe toxicities which often lead to hospitalisations and rarely death. Dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase (DPD) is the enzyme responsible for metabolizing FPs, encoded by the DPYD gene. People who are deficient in this enzyme experience increased severity of toxicity when exposed to FP chemotherapy at standard doses.

GENESCREEN 5-FU aims to develop DPYD genotyping and individualised dose recommendations in Australia, to identify patients who are DPD deficient, to allow for safer chemotherapy dosing decisions. We plan to show improvements in FP-related toxicities for DPD deficient patients who receive dose adjustments, and will analyse the impact this has on both patients and health systems, through a safety, health economics and cost-effectiveness analysis.


Dr Cassandra White – Cassandra.White10@uon.edu.au or Prof Stephen Ackland – stephen.ackland@newcastle.edu.au

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Prof Stephen Ackland


University of Newcastle School of Medicine and Public Health 2021 Pilot Grant

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Trial Status

Endorsed Studies

Cancer Type

Colorectal Cancer

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