Clinical Trials - In Development

The clinical trials listed in this section are in start-up and not yet open to recruitment. For each trial, an overview of the study design is provided together with a brief explanation of the trial objectives. Members can review the Trial Report in the Members Area.

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A phase II trial evaluating EGFR inhibition with HDAC inhibition in refractory colorectal cancer Read More

Randomised Phase II Trial to Evaluate the Strategy of Integrating Local Ablative Therapy with First-Line Systemic Treatment for Unresectable Oligometastatic Colorectal Cancer Read More

NEO-adjuvant chemo-IMmunotherapy in PAnCreaTic cancer Read More

A Randomised, double-blinded phase II study of gemcitabine and nab‐paclitaxel with CEND‐1 or placebo in patients with untreated metastatic pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma Read More

Three or five years of adjuvant imatinib for the treatment of patients with operable GIST with a high risk of relapse: A randomized phase III study. Read More

Avelumab plus fluoropyrimidine-based chemotherapy as adjuvant treatment for stage III dMMR or POLE exonuclease domain mutant colon cancer: A phase III randomised study Read More