Clinical Trials - In Development

The clinical trials listed in this section are in start-up and not yet open to recruitment. For each trial, an overview of the study design is provided together with a brief explanation of the trial objectives. Members can review the Trial Report in the Members Area.

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A phase II study combining pembrolizumab with olaparib in metastatic pancreatic adenocarcinoma patients with mismatch repair deficiency or tumour mutation burden > 4 mutations/Mb Read More

A phase II trial of neoadjuvant PD-1 vaccine IMU-201 (PD1-Vaxx) in operable MSI high colon cancer (CRC). Read More

A randomized phase II trial - Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Guided Stereotactic Adaptive Radiotherapy for Targeting Abdominal Cancer Read More

Open-label, single-arm, signal-seeking phase II study of the combination of durvalumab and olaparib in advanced cholangiocarcinoma after initial chemotherapy and durvalumab (BIL-PPP). Read More

STOPNET - Comparison of patient outcomes with or without continuation of somatostatin injections after the commencement of Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy (PRRT) Read More

BIOMARCER-2 - Biomarker informed optimal management of advanced RAS wild type colorectal cancer in right sided disease Read More