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Clinical trials and GI Cancer

Clinical trials are about finding the optimal combination of medications, surgical techniques and radiation treatments to deliver the best results for people diagnosed with GI cancer.

Conducting clinical trials in Australia gives patients access to the latest treatments three to five years earlier than if those trials were conducted overseas. Major advances in treating GI cancers and improving patient quality of life are possible as a result of clinical trials.

Please help ensure our clinical trials and research can continue by donating today.


Your regular donation brings life saving discoveries to GI cancer patients faster. It will enable more projects to be funded, more grant proposals greenlit – and GI cancer patients will have more options when they need help the most.

A $25 donation each month will make a big difference to our ability to deliver quality clinical trials for GI cancer patients.


Many of our regular donors dedicate their monthly donations to a loved one who may have bravely survived or who is currently being treated for GI Cancer, or who has tragically passed away from this disease.

You will have an opportunity in the donation form to add a comment that lets us know whether your regular charity donations are in tribute to a special someone. We will also be able to tell you at any stage how much you have contributed in honour of that person.

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