Leave a gift in your will

Where there’s a Will …

There is a way for us to improve treatment and life outcomes for those with GI Cancer in the future. Leaving a gift in your Will, whether large or small, can make a real difference. Your support enables cutting edge research into new treatments that will benefit GI cancer patients and their families beyond your lifetime.

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There are many reasons why people choose to leave a bequest…

“My reason to leave a gift in my Will to GI cancer research was very personal. My mother died of pancreatic cancer and my stepfather now has colon cancer. Two GI cancers that have affected my family.  I have always thought about leaving something in my Will to an organisation, it is part of my Christian beliefs.  For me it was a normal thing to do. But, of course it does depend on the person’s circumstance and their world view. It depends on whether you have practical considerations and whether you need to help children. But for me it is important to leave a gift in my Will to help the next generation.” S Wong, NSW

After your family and those you love are looked after, a gift in your Will is a simple and personal way to support a cause you believe is worthwhile. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with information to assist with this very personal decision.

For a confidential conversation and to discuss the different types of gifts and bequests available, please contact Russell Conley, Chief Executive Officer, on 1300 666 769 or send an email to russell@gicancer.org.au.