Community Fundraising Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your interest in fundraising for the GI Cancer Institute. We value all enquiries from individuals, community groups and businesses that will assist us in finding better ways to treat GI cancers.

Our aim is to develop new standards of care for all GI cancers, to improve survival rates and improve treatment options for GI cancer patients. Any third party raising funds for the GI Cancer Institute must comply with relevant laws and regulations within each State or Territory. Your event needs to be run safely and meet all the financial and legal requirements. That way, not only will it go smoothly with great results but will ensure all your efforts go towards making a real difference to GI cancer patients.

To assist you in preparing your fundraising event we have developed the following guidelines:


  • All third party fundraising conducted on behalf of the GI cancer Institute must be approved by the GI Cancer Institute.
  • This can be done online by creating a fundraising page or by emailing with your intention to fundraise.
  • We reserve the right to refuse or cancel at any time the granting of a fundraising authority if we believe it is not in the best interests of the individual or the GI Cancer Institute.
  • Due to our ethical standards we will not be involved in any event that supports smoking.

Fundraising Guidelines

  • Any fundraising activity undertaken by a third party to raise funds for the GI Cancer Institute will be conducted by that individual or group/committee and is the sole responsibility of the person making application to the GI Cancer Institute.
  • The GI Cancer Institute is unable to secure raffle or auction prizes for your fundraising activity.
  • The GI Cancer Institute is unable to take on coordination role in the fundraising activity. This includes financial management, human resources, marketing, promotion, operations and sponsorship. Where possible, advice and support will be offered.
  • The GI Cancer Institute is unable to provide any public liability insurance for any fundraising events organised by a third party.
  • The GI Cancer Institute accepts no responsibility for any accidents or incidents that occur during the organisation or running of the fundraising activity. You must indemnify the GI Cancer Institute in any insurance you undertake in relation to your activity.
  • It is the responsibility of the person/parties authorised to undertake the fundraising activity to gain any licences or approvals to operate their fundraising activity from relevant local and state authorities.

Marketing and Promotion

  • Any promotional material must clearly state that the event is “raising funds for the GI Cancer Institute.” It is not to be referred to as a GI Cancer Institute event.
  • The GI Cancer Institute logo is a valuable brand. Any use of the logo must be approved and any printed material using the logo must be authorised by the GI Cancer Institute prior to printing.
  • Due to limited resources, the GI cancer Institute cannot undertake media relations for the Community Fundraiser.

Financial Management

  • Any fundraising activity undertaken must fit within the NSW Charitable Fundraising Act guidelines which specify that expenses must not exceed 40% of funds raised. The GI Cancer Institute cannot pay any expenses incurred by you. The person/parties authorised to fundraise are responsible for payment of all expenses in relation to the agreed fundraising activity.
  • A third party cannot issue a receipt for funds raised. Only the GI Cancer Institute can issue a receipt for money raised on our behalf. If a receipt is required, relevant information must be emailed to the GI Cancer Institute, including donor name, email address and amount donated. The receipts will be issued direct to the donor on receipt of the donation.
  • A donation is described as an amount of money given with no expectation of a benefit in return for the amount given. Please be aware that tickets to attend fundraising events, purchase of auction items, raffle tickets etc. are not donations and therefore not eligible to receive a tax-deductible receipt.
  • Funds raised must be reconciled and forwarded to the GI Cancer Institute within 14 days of the completion of the fundraising activity.
  • Funds raised can be deposited in one of the following ways:
  • Deposited direct to our bank account which we can provide to you.
  • Donations can also be made at any time via our website. The event name needs to be noted in the comments section so we can direct those funds to your event.
  • Donations can be made through your online fundraising page which will be received directly by the GI Cancer Institute. Donors who donate over $2 will automatically be emailed an tax receipt.