Workplace Fundraising Ideas


Get your whole team involved and organise these fun activities to raise funds at your office to support vital GI cancer research.

Here are some great ideas, but don’t limit yourself… be creative!

Dress Down Days: Arrange with your employer for a Dress Down Day for a donation of $5.

Coin War: Place jars in the office for “extra change” and have departments compete to raise the most money. Watch how your fundraising grows.

Food/Beverage Sale: For a donation hold a morning tea or set up a table in reception to engage staff as they arrive at work and sell cookies, donuts, bagels, popcorn, muffins, etc.

Ugly Tie Contest: Ask coworkers to bring in their wackiest ties and display the ties in a prominent location in your office. Put a jar or bucket beneath each tie. The tie which receives the most donations at the end of a month is the winner.

Matching Gift Program
Be sure to ask if your place of employment has a matching gift program. If so, you can double or even triple your fundraising dollars. Ask your donors as well; they may have a program through their company. Companies encourage their employees to participate in the community.

Workplace / Payroll Giving
Signing up to workplace giving is an easy way to make a regular contribution to support GI Cancer research. Your workplace may even match these gifts, doubling your contribution. More information on workplace giving.

If your company doesn’t enable regular giving or the option to choose us as the recipient, you can set up regular giving directly with us. For more click here.