Grants and Funding Opportunities for AGITG Members

“Seeking funding for academic trials is like looking for an oasis in the desert. An issue I have sufficient experience in to have post traumatic Grant writing stress disorder. We need to change this!”

Professor Nick Pavlakis

The GI Cancer Institute is the grant making and funding body for new AGITG-led pilot and small-scale studies, substudies and translational research. Nine research projects have been awarded the Innovation Grant thanks to community based fundraising, and since 2019, the following research projects received funding:

  • Pancreatic cancer
    • NEO-IMPACT, Professor Lorraine Chantrill (Major Donor Funding)
    • MASTERPLAN substudies:
      • RANDOMS, Clinical Dietitians Belinda Steer and Katie Benton (Major Donor Funding)
      • Microbiome substudy, Professor David Goldstein (Innovation Grant)
      • Proteomics substudy, Associate Professor Michelle Hill (Major Donor Funding)
  • Colorectal cancer
    • FORECAST-1, Professor Peter Gibbs (Innovation Grant)
    • RESOLUTE, Professor Jeanne Tie (partial Major Donor Funding)
    • VADER, Professor Niall Tebbutt and Professor John Mariadason (Innovation Grant)
  • Neuroendocrine carcinoma
    • CONTROL NETS translational substudy, Doctor Ben Lawrence (Innovation Grant)

Help us to fund your research

Develop new ideas: AGITG members are encouraged to develop new pilot and small scale studies, substudies and translational research with the support of the AGITG Working Parties. Concepts are then prioritised by the Scientific Advisory Committee and a funding strategy is identified which can include major donor and philanthropic funding.  Submit an idea to a Working Party

Share Patient Stories: If you have patients or families who would like to share their stories, please contact the GI Cancer Institute. Patient stories help us connect with our donors on an emotional level.

Referrals: If a patient or their family member have questions about how to get involved, please refer them to the GI Cancer Institute to provide this support.

Our donors are your patients, their families and their friends, and they are just like you – i.e. they want to help improve outcomes for people with GI cancer by knowing about your projects in need of funding.

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