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Member: Scientific Advisory Committee

Member: Lower GI Working Party

Chair: ASM Translational Research Committee

AGITG Member Spotlight
Prof Rob Ramsay

Translational Scientist

Introducing Prof Rob Ramsay

Prof Rob Ramsay is Head of the Differentiation and Transcription Laboratory at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne. He trained in genetics and biochemistry and has three decades of research experience in cancer biology. His laboratory specialises in transcriptional control, stem cell biology, mouse models of colon and breast cancer, radiation biology and DNA repair. Rob is the Group Leader of the gastrointestinal program at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Prof Rob Ramsay: AGITG MEMBER

A long-time AGITG member, he is a current member of the AGITG Scientific Advisory Committee and Lower GI Working Party and has led the ASM Translational Research Committee since 2018. He is also an AGITG Board Member. Rob was recognised by the AGITG as the winner of the New Concepts Symposium Award at the AGITG Annual Scientific Meeting in September 2015.