Chair: Translational Research Committee

Deputy Chair: 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting Translational Research Committee

AGITG Member Spotlight
Prof Vicki Whitehall

Translational Scientist

Introducing Prof Vicki Whitehall

Professor Vicki Whitehall has researched the molecular basis of colorectal cancer for the past 20 years. She has contributed key conceptual advances to understanding the evolution of colorectal polyp subtypes to clinically relevant groups of colorectal cancers. Her research findings together with active clinical collaborations have contributed to altered clinical guidelines for the management of colorectal polyps and cancers.

Prof Vicki Whitehall: AGITG MEMBER

Vicki is an active member of the AGITG, serving as the Chair of the new AGITG/GI Cancer Institute Translational Research Committee and Deputy Chair of the 2022 AGITG Annual Scientific Meeting Translational Research Committee.