Aconcagua Gutsy Challenge Team In Training

In December a team of 8 Gutsy Challenge Trekkers will embark on an adventure of a lifetime. They will be climbing the 6,962 meters to the summit of Mt Aconcagua, located in Argentina.

This mountain has the highest peak outside of the Himalayas and with altitude also increasing the difficulty level, this will be a tough challenge for our team.

The Gutsy Team includes Dr Niall Tebbutt, Brie Jelbart, Dr Lara Lipton, John Deadman, Dr Matthew Burge, Belinda Witchell, Dr Michael Bonning & Jason Long. They have committed to not only climb Mt Aconcagua but also raise much needed awareness and funds for Gastro Intestinal (GI) Cancer Research.

The GI Cancer Institute is very fortunate to have such committed and passionate supporters – like the 8 undertaking this tough challenge.

Four of the Aconcagua team work with GI Cancer patients on a daily basis. As oncologists and GI cancer specialists, Dr Niall Tebbutt Dr Matthew Burge and Dr Lara Lipton not only all know first-hand the impact GI Cancer can have on those diagnosed and their families but also the benefit clinical trials can provide to improving treatment options available.

Another Aconcagua trekker – Brie Jelbart – is taking on this challenge in loving memory of herUncle Max, who bravely fought against his cholangiocarcinoma. Also as a clinical trial coordinator, she has also seen first-hand how medical research and clinical trials provide better treatments for patients with gastro-intestinal (GI) cancer.

All 8 of the team are at the half way mark with both their fundraising and training in preparation for their trip.

Recently Dr Niall Tebbutt & Brie Jelbart undertook some mountaineering training, in the Kosciusko National Park, in preparation for their upcoming adventure. Photos from this weekend provide a small but great insight in to what the team is embarking on by taking on this Aconcagua Challenge.

You can get behind and support these very gutsy individuals with their endeavours – please CLICK HERE!