Rob Zielinski

AGITG Outstanding Site Award

Congratulations go to Orange Clinical Trials Centre in Central West New South Wales on being selected to receive the 2017 Award.

Upon receiving the Award, Medical Oncologist Dr Rob Zielinski (pictured) is quoted as saying “Like all cancer clinicians, the motivation for our work is providing the best care to our patients particularly enrolling them onto novel and exciting new clinical trials. Receiving this recognition as the outstanding AGITG trial site is a lovely accolade and testament to the tireless work from our trials team, the investigators and most of all our rural patients who continue to queue up in droves for clinical trials. For too long our rural population has either missed out on clinical trials or travelled very long distances to participate. We have proven without doubt that regional NSW has a great trials team and very eager patients. More trials need to be offered to our region so we can continue to improve the cancer care for our region.”

Dr Zielinski noted in the application “We believe we are worthy given our ongoing commitment and enthusiasm to the ASCOLT clinical trial where we maintain the overall lead recruitment site in Australia and New Zealand. We also have worked very closely with the AGITG in setting up a pilot of a new clinical trial model that will open up the ASCOLT clinical trial to more regional and rural patients. This model is the Teletrials model and the pilot will be truly ground breaking as it will be the first of its kind in Australia.”

Dr Zielinski went on to say “Our clinical trials manager, Stephen Millard, has been extraordinarily busy in engaging with our community promoting the benefit of clinical trials. He has managed to gain multiple pledges >$10,000 from several charity groups in our area. Stephen has also set up a dedicated Clinical Trials iOS app which will be a critical new tool to promote clinical trials direct to GPs and the public.”

Sites were judged on a number of criteria including but not restricted to:

  • Level of Enthusiasm across the whole Team
  • Willingness to participate in a wide range of AGITG Studies
  • Quality of the work produced
  • Willingness to participate in sub studies
  • Quality Assurance
  • Methods used to promote clinical trial participation
  • How you maintain participants in trials and keep them engaged
  • Engagement with the community
  • Consumer feedback

The winning site was announced at the 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting Dinner.

The site receives a Certificate and two complimentary registrations to the 2018 AGITG Annual Scientific Meeting and kudos from within the AGITG Network.