AGITG Pancreatic Cancer surgical guidelines update

Many thanks to Doctor Robert Gandy for providing this summary.

The Leadership Group of the AGITG Pancreatic Cancer Surgical Guidelines Workshop reconvened in October to update the 2015 Surgical Guidelines Report. Clinicians working in the field of pancreatic cancer from New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland convened to update these recommendations. The primary aim of the meeting was to bring in line the AGITG guidelines with the international definition and criteria for borderline resectable disease. In addition to the anatomical factors which dictate resectability the new consensus guidelines will reflect tumour biology and patient factors and can be summarized by A-B-C approach (Anatomical, biological, and conditional factors). This important definition will align treatment protocols, research programmes and database collaboration with North America, Europe and Japan with many other countries also onboarding this definition.

The 2020 revised consensus recommendations cover all aspects of the diagnosis and management of potentially resectable pancreatic cancer. These include:

  • Fresh updates of the role of contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imaging and the use of FDG PET scanning to exclude metastatic disease prior to operation.
  • The standardising of endoscopic ultrasound Fine Needle Biopsy to improve diagnosis and germ line tumour typing.
  • The role of neoadjuvant therapy in all borderline resectable cases as per the international definition.
  • Synoptic CT and pathological reporting systems.
  • Recommendation for the national registration of all pancreatic cancer surgery and mandatory registration with specialist multidisciplinary meetings.

A more in-depth summary of these recommendations is currently being composed with the aim of scientific publication in the coming weeks.

The 2015 AGITG Pancreatic Cancer Surgical Guidelines report is available here.