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CAP members Gill Worden & Jan Mumford: Going above and beyond for research

Gill Worden and Jan Mumford, members of the AGITG’s Consumer Advisory Panel (CAP), will both trek 60km for GI cancer research this November.

The CAP is made up of people who have an informed consumer perspective on GI cancer. They consult with medical professionals on the Scientific Advisory Committee and the Working Parties. They ensure that all the information given to consumers about clinical trials is easy to understand and includes everything consumers need to know.

Gill was motivated to join the CAP because her husband, Tony, passed away from stomach cancer. As part of his treatment Tony took part in the AGITG’s TOP GEAR clinical trial.

“I felt like I had something to contribute,” says Gill. “Giving back to the people who were doing the research, doing the hard yards for people like my husband.”

Jan applied for a role on the CAP after experiencing cancer as a patient. She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer when she was 36.

“I became involved with the AGITG because I wanted to learn about the changes that were happening and I wanted to be able to give back,” she says.

Gill and Jan have both committed to the Gutsy ‘Overland’ Challenge in November, trekking as part of two teams for seven days through the Tasmanian wilderness. Both CAP members have taken on the challenge because of their dedication to finding better treatments for gastro-intestinal cancer patients.

“The more people who participate in clinical trials, the better the research,” says Gill. “The better the research, the better the outcomes for people in the future.”

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Gill ran a fundraising barbecue in Brisbane to raise funds for her trek. Jan is planning a barbecue as well as a degustation dinner.

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