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Are Colorectal Cancer Trials Meeting Patient’s Needs?

Colorectal cancer has the highest incidence of all cancers and is the cause of the second highest mortality from cancer. In contrast, of all cancer trials currently open to recruitment in Australia, it has only the fourth number of trials, suggesting that the number of colorectal cancer trials does not reflect the burden of the disease.

An Australian study led by the AGITG and the University of Sydney   found that 42% of colorectal cancer clinical trials in Australia are for treatments for advanced disease; 13% on screening, 12% on behavioural interventions and 10.5% each on surgery and adjuvant therapy and only 4% were on prevention.

Yet this did not meet the needs of those surveyed who wanted trials in risk and prevention, ways to increase screening uptake, individualised treatments and follow-up care after cancer treatment.

“Going forward we hope that future trials will reflect the needs of patients affected by colorectal cancer,” said Dr Rachel Dear, Medical Oncologist and Senior Lecturer, the University of Sydney and AGITG member.

The trial results were published in the Medical Journal of Australia and in the Gastroenerology Update (download the PDF of the article here).