CommNETs 2019 Research Workshop

The Commonwealth Neuroendocrine Tumour (CommNETs) Research Collaborative held their annual research workshop on December 7 & 8th 2019 in Tokyo Japan. Operating within the auspices of AGITG and CCTG (Canadian Cancer Trials Group), CommNETs provides a valuable forum for NET research collaboration among Canadian, Australian and New Zealand clinicians, researchers and patient representatives.  A network of investigators comprised of endocrinologists, nuclear medicine physicians, surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists and allied health professionals meet annually to develop and complete research projects that improve the outcomes of NET patients.

Heading into this year’s workshop CommNETs had four existing clinical trials under development for review with topics ranging from hormone therapy dosing and duration to the potential uses of immunotherapy and radiotherapy in NETs with a focus on correlative science analyses. Two new trial concepts were presented at the 2019 workshop in addition to three other research projects for development.

Outcomes of prior CommNETs research projects include:

Recently completed CommNETs projects presented at the 2019 workshop were:

Active projects presented included:

Following the project workshop component, attendees took part in a series of strategic planning exercises to explore the role of CommNETs in the current NETs landscape, articulate vision, define success, and develop a three-year implementation plan. The CommNETs Executive Committee continued strategic planning efforts into a third day of the workshop to target financial sustainability and organizational design.

Thank you to everyone involved in making this event a success, and special thanks to all CommNETs collaborators for continuing to produce quality research addressing the unique needs of NET patients.