Tim Price

Congratulations Tim Price

At a recent AGITG Board meeting in November, Associate Professor Tim Price was unanimously voted by the AGITG Board as the AGITG Chair-Elect.  Tim’s term commences in May 2013 and Chairman Professor John Zalcberg will hand over in May 2014.

“Tim is a highly respected member of the Board and everyone is thrilled that he will be our future Chairman.  He continually demonstrates his commitment to GI cancer research and his outstanding leadership qualities in the many roles he holds. Tim is the Principal Investigator for PETACC 6; is Company Secretary and Chairman of the Corporate Governance Committee and for five years was the convenor of the AGITG’s Annual Scientific Meeting,” said Professor John Zalcberg, Chairman, AGITG. “It is without doubt that Tim is an ideal person to lead the Board as the AGITG continues to grow from strength to strength.”

Tim was elected to the AGITG Board in 2004 and currently holds the position of Director and Company secretary AGITG. His clinical interest is in the treatment of patients with GI cancer, a subspecialty expertise he developed during a Gastrointestinal Fellowship at Royal Marsden Hospital, London (1998-2000) working with Prof David Cunningham. Tim has been a member of the trial management committees for AGITG’s VICTOR, CO-17, CO-20, SCOT, QUASAR 2, Advanced Gastric and MAX studies, and he is coordinator of GI cancer trials at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and The Lyell McEwin Health Service in Adelaide, South Australia and principal investigator for all associated GI clinical trials.