Dr Jaswinder Samra named Research Expert

Congratulations to Dr Jaswinder Samra who was placed in the top 1% of scholars writing about pancreaticoduodenectomy over the past 10 years, recognised as an ‘Expert’. A pancreaticoduodenectomy, for those who may not know, is a major surgical operation most often performed to remove cancerous tumours from the head of the pancreas.

Involvement in the research and publication space is not commonplace for many surgeons, so to be recognised with this achievement is a testament to the work of Dr Samra and his team.

“It’s a consistent effort that has paid off. At Royal North Shore Hospital, we’re privileged to have a long record of performing successful upper pancreatic head surgery, publishing results and making progress. We still have a long way to go but it’s confirmation of our good work and being recognised for this by peers,” Dr Samra said.

“The research is done in your own time, with a lot of help from your colleagues who give their valuable time for something which there are not financial benefits. So, a recognition like this is very satisfying.”

As a surgeon, Dr Samra recognises the need for more of his colleagues to become involved in the research space and is passionate about encouraging medical practitioners from all disciples to work together.

“As the years have gone by, we realised that cancer is not something that you can treat surgically or medically or with radiation alone. It must be a complimentary treatment approach and I can see a cultural shift happening. In my opinion, the younger generation of surgeons are going to be far more collaborative.”

Dr Samra is far from done with his work in this space. As the Chair of the AGITG Annual Scientific Meeting Surgical Sub-Committee, he is committed to shaping and creating a space for young researchers to make an impact in the field.

“To me it’s not a big thing to see my name in these publications but seeing my colleagues’ names and knowing it has been a multidisciplinary approach and has involved a lot of young researchers is worth the effort.”

Hopeful for the future of surgery and cancer treatment, Dr Samra is confident that through the AGITG, research can continue to provide improved treatment options for cancer patients.

“AGITG is doing a wonderful job in the surgical aspect. Hopefully future collaborative work will be beneficial for all of us in the surgical community, medical community as well as the patients.”