Dr Sarah Hayes on the AGITG Translational Research Program

At the AGITG, we have exciting new developments for our Translational Research Program, which will add cutting-edge value to our research. Read all about these developments from our Translational Research Coordinator, Dr Sarah Hayes.


As the AGITG Translational Research Coordinator, I’m writing this blog post today to talk about our new Translational Research Program, which I am helping to establish.

Our Translational Research Model in 2019 focussed on making trial samples available for researchers to access, but our revised program in 2022 expands beyond just ensuring access.

We want to make AGITG trials more open and accessible to you as researchers. We also want to establish a solid foundation for embedding ground-breaking research ideas into our trials right at the beginning of trial design – bringing this new, exploratory research to the forefront of what we do as an organisation.

We now have a cohesive plan on how Translational Research will be embedded in our trials, how to prioritise and fund research and how to integrate the outcomes of this research into ideas for new trials.

Our new Translational Research Committee was also established earlier this year, made up of brilliant scientists, medical oncologists, surgeons and pathologists with a passion for research, to oversee the research that is conducted and advise on how we can enrich research that is conducted as part of our trials.

Additionally, a new Innovation Grant category has been created specifically for Translational Research, with one offered in 2022 and another in 2023.

Please keep an eye on our website for details on what samples are available and how to access them, and watch for our newsletter and emails, where we advertise opportunities for researchers.

I hope to see you at our Annual Scientific Meeting this November! You might get some ideas for an interesting research project after hearing about our trials – and attending the presentations at the Translational Research Symposium.

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