Dr Yu Jo Chua presents at JSMO

Dr Yu Jo Chua gave a presentation on the AGITG at the Japanese Society of Medical Oncology Annual Meeting in Kyoto, held from 18-20 July 2019.

Dr Chua attended the meeting as an invited international speaker and guest. He presented a lecture titled International Collaboration in Cancer Clinical Trials: the Australasian Gastro-Intestinal Cancer Trials Group experience.

His presentation covered the AGITG’s history, activities portfolio, international partnerships and achievements. This was used as a platform to discuss the barriers to international collaboration and how they can be overcome.

“In particular, the value of fostering people to people links, growing existing intergroup relationships and improving communication was highlighted,” says Dr Yu Jo Chua.

Dr Chua also presented on the AGITG’s INTEGRATE II trial at the meeting at a ‘Trials in Progress’ session. INTEGRATE II aims to determine whether Regorafenib is effective in prolonging survival in patients with advanced gastro-oesophageal carcinoma.

“This was timely since this international multi-centre trial had only recently opened in Japan,” notes Dr Chua.

INTEGRATE II became the first AGITG trial to open in Japan on 7 February of this year, when National Cancer Centre Hospital East officially opened. The first Japanese trial participant joined INTEGRATE II on 4 March. This was a significant milestone that followed two years of negotiation. Since then, two more Japanese sites have opened for the study.

Dr Chua noted that over 7,000 clinicians and researchers attended the meeting, with a significant number of delegates from Asia, Europe and North America. Most presentations and lectures were delivered in English.