Engage with people who’ve been there

At the 2012 AGITG Annual Scientific Meeting the GI Cancer Institute launched Engage: a free online information network to help GI cancer patients, survivors, carers and families.

Engage is a place to learn about the latest clinical trials and share experiences regarding treatments. A community of people whose lives have been impacted by GI cancer, members can receive information from survivors and carers who understand the challenges of GI cancer.

Engage offers:

  • Information about the benefits of clinical trials and how to access them;
  • Advice and information from patients, survivors, carers and trial patients who understand the challenges of GI cancer;
  • Information about research conducted by the AGITG
  • Practical resources to help those living with GI cancer
  • A quarterly eNewsletter featuring regular updates and stories from health professionals, researchers, cancer survivors and cancer trial participants.

How you can help

AGITG members can help drive membership by looking for opportunities to distribute patients or doctor flyers. “You can also make sure that your patients have access to this valuable program by spreading the word about Engage to patients, carers and families and encouraging them to sign up as members,” said John Zalcberg, AGITG Chairman.