Getting Gutsy Requires Courage and Endurance

Professor Tim Price, Chair of the GI Cancer Institute Board, has dedicated much of his working career to GI Cancer research. Now in addition to applying his medical expertise to improving outcomes for GI Cancer patients, he will be leading the Gutsy Southern Alps Challenge in New Zealand this November.

“For me, taking on the New Zealand Southern Alps is an opportunity to highlight the critical need to continue our GI cancer research,” says Professor Price.

“Working as a medical oncologist, I’ve seen first-hand how important it is to have this research conducted in Australia and the benefit it can bring to patients here – who can be provided with new treatment options up to 5 years earlier than if it had been conducted overseas.”

“I want to raise awareness of the need for better treatments and raise funds so that we can continue to conduct research in to new treatments that will improve both the quality of life and outcomes for GI Cancer patients” he says. “The endurance the team and I will need to complete this gutsy challenge is nothing compared to the courage our GI cancer patients and their families show every day.”

You can find out more and support Tim and the team in their gutsy efforts HERE.

Hear more from Tim below about why he got involved in clinical trials and why they’re so important.

Gutsy Adventure

This November, Professor Price is leading a team through 70km of New Zealand’s Southern Alps on a challenging week-long trek. Amongst the challenge this endurance trek sets out are two, 1800m ascents – along with the unpredictable elements offered up by the Southern Alps.

Trekking up to 18kms each day through the tough mountainous back country of New Zealand, the gutsy trekkers are setting out to raise awareness and much needed funds for critical early stage research into new treatments for GI cancer.

All funds raised contribute towards the GI Cancer Institute’s annual Innovation Fund grant in to n provides hope for those 28,900 Australians diagnosed with a GI cancer each year and their loved ones.

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