Gutsy Heroes

Thank you to all the fantastic people who support the Gutsy Challenge. You are our gutsy heroes. Your fundraising and generosity helps to save, extend and improve the quality of life for people with gastro-intestinal cancer.


Dirty Birds

Merck Serono staff have done a 5K Run, a Healthy Eating Month and kept a Junk Jar (donation... Read More

Monique Lowe

Monique is supporting a meaningful cause that is very close to her heart and ran in the 2013... Read More

Chris Davidson

Chris Davidson is our latest hero. Chris recently ran in  the Canberra Times Australian Running Festival  in memory... Read More

Vanessa Roach

Holiday with a purpose. Most tourists spend their holidays exploring all that Brisbane has to offer, but Vanessa Jeslyn... Read More

Luke Higgins

Luke Higgins is supporting a close friend when he competes in the marathon as part of the Blackmores... Read More

Kasey Vane

Having watched her mother fight gastro-intestinal cancer and hoping to find a cure for Australia’s most common cancer,... Read More

The Home Runs

Gutsy runners, Gutsy heroes. On 22nd September, 21 runners went out and conquered the Blackmore running festival to support... Read More

Jane Irwin

Jane has raised over $1000 for GI Cancer research after her husband and father both died of... Read More

Alice Wood

Alice Wood is a determined young woman, with the kind of courage that would make any father proud. Alice’s story... Read More

The Felice Brothers

Nina’s Quest reaches new fundraising heights. The Felice Brothers continue their Herculean efforts in support of Nina’s Quest for... Read More

Matt Davies

Gutsy boxer steps up for GI cancer research. Gutsy spare-time boxer Matt Davies will take to the ring competitively... Read More

Cameron Paulinich

Gutsy Trainer – Cameron Paulinich. Gutsy runners raising money for the GI Cancer Institute have been enjoying the benefits... Read More

Paul McMillan

Paul puts Gutsy runners in the picture. Photographer Paul McMillan is putting our Gutsy Challenge fundraisers squarely in the... Read More

Tom Soutar

Tom’s Gutsy Party. Gutsy eight-year-old Queenslander Tom Soutar (centre) has shaken up party food traditions to raise awareness of... Read More

Team Tone

Gillian Worden admits walking on Father’s Day to remember her husband Tony “won’t take our minds off him,... Read More

Brad Jones

Brad gives GI cancer a swift kick. Brad Jones is a gutsy young man on a mission – to, as... Read More