Cameron Paulinich

Gutsy Trainer – Cameron Paulinich

Gutsy runners raising money for the GI Cancer Institute have been enjoying the benefits of free training donated by personal trainer Cameron Paulinich. Cameron, of Newtown in inner Sydney, says he likes to “give the client value for their hour.

“I enjoy watching a client succeed, do things they couldn’t do themselves before. It’s weird but sometimes a client amazes me and moves on. It’s a bit like watching a baby bird leave the nest. It’s almost like watering a seed, a chance for people to express themselves physically – which for some people is a whole new thing and can be really rewarding.”

Cameron enjoys the outdoor life, previously working as a gardener. “I loved it,” he says. “I’m just not an office type of guy. I don’t think humans are made to be cooped up in an office. I think we need a balance between physical and mental exercise.”
Cameron has supported other non-profit organisations — he’s no stranger to worthy causes, having visited Guatemala to help in a child vaccination program.

“50% of kids there had worms since the age of two. Half the kids dying under eight were just from drinking bad water. We forget how lucky we are in the west. Obesity and chronic illness is getting worse throughout the western world, because we’re getting sicker there are all these new industries – so it’s important to be educated for the sake of clients’ health and well-being.”

Cameron’s trainees are running for the GI Cancer Institute and welcome his involvement. Says Patricia: “Cameron somehow makes you believe in yourself. I never thought a year ago I’d be able to run, and now I’ve put myself up for a 9k challenge.”

And Tim adds: “He’s motivated me to be healthy, with good eating and good living, and he makes it fun.”

Cameron says he’s happy to contribute to help people improve their fitness: “I like the science of health and training. It helps to make it more efficient for people.”  And he also enjoys helping people run to raise money to help fight cancer. “If I can do something to help, why not?”

As to his own future aspirations, Cameron’s needs are simple: “A gym with central heat and air conditioning”, he chuckles — “and early retirement!”

Click here to find a run or event across Australia where you can participate and raise funds for GI cancer research.