Holroyd Special School Gets Gutsy

Holroyd Special School have taken the pledge, agreeing to do its part for the ‘Gutsy Challenge’. The school hopes introducing children to healthy eating habits at an early age will set a precedent that will be carried forward into the future.

Teacher Sharon Stone wanted the school to get involved, and teach children about the importance of a healthy diet. The school has organised a number of related healthy activities for ‘Fruit and Veg’ month, educating younger students about the benefits of healthy eating. “We’re also taking part in the Sydney Markets ‘Fresh for Kids’ Campaign to make ‘Fruit and Veg’ month a fun and colourful experience for the kids”. Students will enjoy an out-of-uniform day on the last day of term to brighten up the classroom before holidays.

Holroyd Special School provides education for students with intellectual disabilities. The school designs custom-made programs for its students, aged four to eighteen. The school maintains a close relationship with the local community, providing a link to related social services in the area.