ICECREAM study on colorectal cancer at ASCO

The final results of the AGITG ICECREAM trial were presented at this year’s American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting in Chicago on 3 June. Many AGITG members and international colleagues participated in this important study, one of the first prospective trials to limit accrual to pre-defined molecular subsets of colorectal cancer.

The ICECREAM study provided important data on the optimal use of currently available therapeutics in patients with metastatic CRC (bowel or rectal cancer) who have progressed on standard chemotherapy options. The trial is designed to study two questions in parallel.

First, to determine whether cetuximab is optimally used as monotherapy or in combination with an irinotecan-based regimen in certain patients, without particular mutations of interest, and the second, to determine whether the efficacy of either cetuximab alone or in combination with an irinotecan-based regimen is similar in patients harbouring a particular mutation, as suggested by prior studies. The results will impact the standard treatment for both groups of patients and may influence the policy on the use of cetuximab based on an improved understanding of the most suitable patients to have access to cetuximab in Australia.

Professor Jeremy Shapiro (pictured above) lead author commented that “the results of this important trial will add 2 further pieces to the complex colorectal treatment jigsaw”

For a copy of the summary of the trial click here and for a copy of the abstract presented at ASCO read here

With many thanks to MERCK for their support of the ICECREAM clinical trial.