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ICECREAM trial results published

ICECREAM trial results published

The results of the ICECREAM trial have been published in the journal Clinical Colorectal Cancer. The trial investigated the efficacy of the drug cetuximab (taken alone) compared with cetuximab when combined with irinotecan (combination therapy) in metastatic colorectal cancer patients that are resistant to current treatment.

Selected patients had quadruple wild-type mutations, including KRAS, NRAS, BRAF, or P13KCA exon 20). This phase II trial randomly assigned the treatment to enrolled patients.

Whilst the study observed less side effects when cetuximab was taken alone, there was significant benefit for the addition of irinotecan to cetuximab, with improved progression-free survival and increased response rate in this patient population.

While presenting the trial results last year at the ASCO Annual Meeting, Principal Investigator Professor Jeremy Shapiro said, “The results of this important trial will add two further pieces to the complex colorectal treatment jigsaw.”

The publication in Clinical Colorectal Cancer is available here.