Include a Charity Week – help the work live on

Have you thought about leaving a gift in your Will?

As part of ‘Include a Charity Week’ we are raising awareness of the opportunity to Leave a Gift in your Will and support GI Cancer research in to the future.

‘Include a Charity Week’ (11-17 September 2017) is an international campaign which intends to demonstrate just how easy it is to include charitable gifts in Wills and help more people understand the huge impact these gifts have on the work charities do.

This is a really important area of philanthropy and we actively encourage you to think about supporting GI Cancer research in this way.

We understand your reasons for giving will be personal and to make a gift of this nature is extraordinary.

Over the past 30 years we have been able to achieve some remarkable advancements, the benefit of which can be seen through increases in the 5-year life expectancy rates across all GI Cancer areas. That said, the overall 5-year survival rate is still below 50% so there is much more we need to do. This will take time, but progress made in other areas over the past 2-3 decades – like with prostate and breast cancer – highlights that what we are striving for is possible.

All gifts given now, or in the future, will enable the continued growth in knowledge needed to actually be realised, and the lives of those with GI Cancer to be positively impacted.

Debunking some myths …

  • Leaving a gift in your Will can be large or small – either way it will make a difference to GI cancer patients in the future
  • Setting up your Will is relatively simple however correct wording is important. A solicitor or lawyer can assist you with this and for simplicity we also provide the necessary wording in our Brochure – click here.
  • After taking care of family and loved ones, you decide how you wish for your gift to be determined.
  • You can determine if you wish your gift to go to a specific area or be used across all GI Cancer research.
  • You don’t have to notify us of your decision. That said, should you wish to let us know we would love the opportunity to keep you informed of the progress we are making and what is happening now that will impact what we focus on in to the future.
  • You can change your mind at any time – if your circumstances change then your Will can be revised accordingly.

Whilst the decision to leave a gift in your Will is an extraordinary & personal decision – increasingly we are seeing that it is what our supporters are choosing to do. For more on leaving a gift in your Will download our brochure – CLICK HERE

A Gift In your Will