Innovation Fund AGITG

2018 AGITG Innovation Fund – Applications now closed

The AGITG Innovation Fund is made possible through generous contributions from the Spencer Gibson Foundation, the His Honour Alan Bishop Fund and with donations raised through the GI Cancer Institute’s Gutsy Challenge.

AGITG members can apply for up to $200,000 to support a new AGITG sponsored pilot trial.

“The AGITG Innovation Fund is an important step in the process to develop new clinical trials for the AGITG. The Fund awards protocols that will build on our research programs and enables AGITG members to accumulate the data required to approach funding bodies for a larger scale clinical trial.” – Professor Tim Price, Chair of the AGITG & GI Cancer Institute.

To register your interest and request an application form: click here.

Applications for the 2018 Innovation Fund have now closed.

In 2017 the Innovation Fund was awarded to the new AGITG RENO pilot trial: Prospective Study of ‘Watch and Wait’ Strategy in Patients with Rectal Cancer who have Developed a Clinical Complete Response with concurrent Chemo-radiotherapy: RENO trial (REctal cancer No Operation).

Associate Professor Chris Karapetis, Principal Investigator of the RENO study, stated, “It is a great honour for me to lead this study with the recognition and support that the AGITG Innovation Fund Grant provides.


Eligible projects must be:

  • An AGITG sponsored pilot phase of a planned AGITG sponsored clinical trial.
  • Led by registered clinical members of the AGITG. At least one of the applicants listed on the application form must be a current registered member with a minimum of twelve months membership.
  • Consistent with the scope and strategic direction of the AGITG research program (locally and internationally).
  • Scientifically valid and of high quality with the potential to impact future clinical practice.
  • Significant and/or innovative research.
  • Feasible within the proposed time frame.
  • Able to be linked to future AGITG grant applications or other funding opportunities if required.
  • Expected to build capacity and/or collaborations for the AGITG.


Priority will be given to projects that:

  • Are clinical in nature.
  • Are conducted at Participating Institutions of the AGITG.
  • Build research capacity for the AGITG.
  • Provide educational opportunity for young AGITG researchers.
  • Have the potential to improve clinical practice standards.
  • Have the potential to reduce treatment burden on patients and funding systems (and may therefore be unlikely to attract commercial sponsors).
  • Demonstrate collaboration between members and Participating Institutions of the AGITG.

It is recommended that research funding applications have a minimum of two (2) current AGITG Trial Principal Investigators from different AGITG Participating Institutions, and that large‐scale project funding applications have a minimum of three (3) current AGITG Trial Principal Investigators from different AGITG Participating Institutions.  Principal Investigators should include a mix of AGITG Investigators with a strong track record (relevant to success of future grants) and younger Investigators who will benefit from mentoring opportunities.


Condition of funding:

It is a condition of funding that the AGITG Innovation Funds grant is to be returned to the AGITG if other grant funding is awarded.