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Jackson’s On George team running for Stomach Cancer research

On Sunday 12 August, a group of friends who used to work together at the iconic Jackson’s on George will honour the memory of their friend Matt by competing in the City to Surf.

Matt died of a rare form of stomach cancer called linitis plastica. He passed away just 11 months after diagnosis, aged 40.

Matt’s wife, Trine, has set up the Silly Hat for Matt challenge in his honour, where people across Australia have committed to taking action, all while wearing silly hats, to raise money for stomach cancer research.

Linitis plastica is a rare cancer that has such poor early diagnosis and treatment options that only 8% of patients survive after 5 years. The average survival rate after diagnosis is commonly months, not years.

However, there is hope – research into stomach cancer over the past few decades has contributed to a 10% rise in the 5-year survival rate in the past 30 years.

The team are re-creating a bet that they made with Matt 20 years ago, where he and his friend Laurie Appleton ran the City to Surf after working for the whole night. Laurie says, “Matt always brought people together – I thought re-creating such a fond memory of my friendship with Matt on the 20th anniversary of our last run, was the best way to honour him.”

To support the team, click here.

Pictured: Laurie Appleton (L) and Matt Simpson (R).