Julie Browning

Broadcaster knows Life Matters

Broadcaster Dr Julie Browning is running for GI cancer research because she knows Life Matters.  

That’s the name of the program she’s Executive Producer of at ABC Radio National. It’s also something she feels deeply, having lost both her parents in middle age to GI cancers — mother Meg Browning at 59 to bowel cancer, and father Barry at 69 to pancreatic cancer.

Says Julie: “I saw at close quarters how aggressive these cancers can be. I watched both my parents die too young, when they had so much life still to enjoy. I think of them often and how they would have enjoyed watching their grandchildren grow up.”

Julie, winner of many awards for her radio and TV programs with the ABC, is running in the Blackmore’s Bridge Run in Sydney on September 21 — to raise money for the GI Cancer Institute’s clinical trials.

“I won’t be winning any awards for my running speed, that’s for sure,” she laughs.

“But I’m happy to be doing something for this cause. People can get behind the GI Cancer Institute in the knowledge that their money goes towards clinical trials that make a difference — improving treatments, helping people with these cancers live longer and with a better quality of life.”

If you agree with Julie that “Life Matters”, you can support her run for GI cancer here.

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