Jan & John Mumford

Local residents Jan & John bringing the community together for families affected by cancer

Being diagnosed with pancreatic neuroendocrine tumours (NETs) was a shock for Springwood resident Jan Mumford. She was otherwise so well. As a mother to three young children, she was busy and active – the last thing she expected was a cancer diagnosis.

Jan was diagnosed with this rare form of cancer in 1998 and knows she is one of the lucky ones. Very little is known about pancreatic NETs, and when it is diagnosed at a late stage it is incurable.

Now Jan and her husband John are taking on a ‘Gutsy Challenge’ – raising awareness and much needed funds to improve treatment options for cancer patients in the community.

“As our insides are hidden, and so too are cancers that affect the digestive tract,” says Jan, “We don’t often talk about gastro-intestinal cancers but with survival rates still so low – only 8% for pancreatic cancer for example, it’s time for this to change.”

Thanks to the generous support of The Bunker in Springwood, Jan and John hosted a degustation dinner on 14 September, with proceeds going towards digestive cancer research.

“Knowing there are treatment options available is so important when you are confronted with a cancer diagnosis,” says John. “It provides hope – but unfortunately for most with a digestive cancer diagnosis, hope isn’t even guaranteed.”

“As a family the experience was really scary. We were in rough, unknown waters,” Jan adds. “Having survived, I felt that it was important to give back.”

Jan and John have seen first-hand the devastating impact that a cancer diagnosis has on families. They are inviting community members to join them for their fundraising dinner, in order to help others in the same situation.

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