Russell Conley CEO GI Cancer Institute

May 2019: An update from the CEO

Dear Members,

Monday 20 May was International Clinical Trials Day. This was an opportunity to reflect on the dedication of everyone who works on our clinical trials at every level. Improvements are being made to the survival and quality of life for people with GI cancers, thanks to the ongoing commitment of the research community to changing outcomes.

Our Annual Scientific Meeting is fast approaching. Applications are still open for the Outstanding Site Award and the Posters & Fast Forward Session. A site that shows enthusiasm for clinical trials will receive two complimentary registrations to the 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting.

The results of the ALT-GIST trial have been selected for poster presentation at ASCO. Congratulations to Professor Desmond Yip and everyone involved in the study.

AGITG Board members Dr Lorraine Chantrill and Professor Steve Ackland represented the AGITG leadership at the Living Room Series community event on 9 May. They spoke to a group of key donors, industry representatives and members of the Consumer Advisory Panel.

The Open Joint Working Party meeting was held on 10 May. Investigators of AGITG trials presented updates, and the Working Party Members discussed the trial concepts in development. Representatives from PoCoG, PC4 and CREST also attended.

AGITG Investigators have made grant submissions to the NHMRC and Cancer Australia for three AGITG trials. These are ASCOLT, a phase III trial in colorectal cancer, NAP-CAPABIL, a trial concept for biliary tract cancer, and RoLaCaRT, a surgical trial concept for colorectal cancer.

I would like to thank you for your continuing dedication to GI cancer research. I look forward to sharing future updates with you.


Russell Conley
Chief Executive Officer | Australasian Gastro-Intestinal Trials Group
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