Member engagement in fundraising

The GI Cancer Institute is focused on raising awareness of GI cancers and of AGITG research, and on raising funds for research that will develop new evidence to improve outcomes for our patients.

As you know, the research landscape changes quickly.  Increasingly the AGITG is in need of additional funds to support the many questions our members have around improving treatment for patients.

Over the years we have seen increased engagement of members in raising funds for research.  As a result the AGITG has been able to increase support available through the Innovation Grant.

There are a number of members and industry colleagues who are engaging in our fundraising programs.

They have undertaken a Gutsy Challenge – climbed mountains, trekked the desert, cycled across Cambodia and in the Snowy Mountains, hiked across Tasmania and this year will be trekking through New Zealand and in Western Australia.

AGITG members have referred patients and families to share their personal stories that motivate donors to give, or to leave bequests or major gifts, and we thank them for their support.

Your support is so important to bring hope to our patients and their families.

Some of the members who have been involved in the Gutsy Challenge and have referred patients and families to the GI Cancer Institute have a message for others. Watch the video below.

– Doctor Lorraine Chantrill, Chair, AGITG & GI Cancer Institute. 

To find out more on how you can be involved, please call the GI Cancer Institute on 1300 666 769.