Mustafa Khasraw


Dr Mustafa Khasraw, Principal Investigator, NABNEC recently presented a NABNEC poster at ESMO.  The aim of the NABNEC trial is to determine the safety and efficacy of carboplatin plus nab-paclitaxel in comparison with carboplatin plus etoposide for the treatment of grade 3, advanced gastrointestinal neuroendocrine carcinomas. In addition, the trial aims to explore translational biologic, molecular and functional imaging endpoints to inform future research and improve outcomes for NEC patients.

Dr Mustafa Khasraw

NABNEC is open for recruitment and to assist in the recruitment process with support from the UNICORN Foundation a video has been produced. Click here to view the video and share with NETs patients.

Brief Report on ESMO:

It was reported from both Dr Khasraw and our AGITG Fellow Dr Monica Tang that at ESMO this year there were not any major new ground-breaking trials for GI cancer but that there was an excellent session on 3 vs 6 months of adjuvant chemotherapy for colorectal cancer. The original trials (IDEA collaboration) were presented at ASCO this year, and at ESMO there was an update of some of the data.  Best of all there was a panel discussion between international experts to help interpret the data. It appears that internationally oncologists are becoming more comfortable with giving 3 months of chemotherapy (instead of the traditional 6 months) for certain patients, which will bring benefits in terms of toxicity, quality of life and also healthcare costs.