Jeanne and Chris LGIWP

New Lower GI Working Party Chairs Announced

We are proud to announce Professor Chris Karapetis as the new AGITG Lower GI Working Party Chair and Associate Professor Jeanne Tie as the new Deputy Chair.

The Working Parties are critical to the AGITG research development process.  The Lower GI Working Party facilitates research activities and develops new clinical research concepts focusing on cancers of the bowel, rectum and anus. Special thanks goes to to Professor Niall Tebbutt for his leadership as Lower GI Working Party Chair over the past 10 years.

Both Chris and Jeanne have been part of the Working Party for a number of years, and contributed immensely to the improvement of patient outcomes.

Professor Chris Karapetis is a Medical Oncologist at the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer. He has been a member of the AGITG for nearly 20 years and was the Lower GI Working Party Deputy Chair for 10 years. Chris was the Principal Investigator on the CO-17 trial which studied the effectiveness of the drug cetuximab, and found that this new treatment increased survival for some people with advanced colorectal cancer. This trial was a gamechanger, leading to a change in international treatment guidelines. Chris is currently leading the RENO rectal cancer trial which is studying whether some people being treated for rectal cancer can forgo surgery after chemoradiotherapy treatment.

Chris has also been actively involved with the GI Cancer Institute. In 2016, Chris and a team of seven cycled 360kms across Cambodia for the Cambodia Gutsy Challenge to raise vital funds for GI cancer research. He also shared his knowledge with our GI cancer community by taking part in our first Living Room Series webinar in 2020 on Unlocking the mysteries of Clinical Trials.

Associate Professor Jeanne Tie is a Medical Oncologist at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre specialising in lower gastrointestinal cancers. Along with her contribution to the Working Party, she is also a member of the AGITG Scientific Advisory Committee and the Annual Scientific Meeting Organising Committee – Medical Oncology Sub-Committee.

Jeanne has participated in a number of AGITG clinical trials and is currently the Study Chair of the RESOLUTE colorectal,  DYNAMIC-III colorectal and DYNAMIC-Rectal trials, and Co-Chair of the DYNAMIC-Pancreas clinical trial. She recently shared her experience and insights in our most recent Living Room Series Webinar on Unlocking the Mysteries of GI Cancer & Finding Hope.

Her research work has also been recognised by several prestigious awards including the ASCO Cancer Foundation Young Investigator Award and the Bradley Stuart Beller Merit Award and AACR Team Science Award.

Congratulations to Chris and Jeanne and we look forward to you facilitating new research to improve outcomes for people with lower GI cancers.

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