Our community thanks health professionals

At the GI Cancer Institute we have received an outpouring of messages of support for the health professionals who are treating GI cancer patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are grateful for your constant and dedicated efforts in your research. At times it must be so difficult not to give way to that feeling of frustration and hopelessness but despite that, you yearn for success and doggedly fight on. Wish I was a millionaire… we lost my husband’s beautiful nephew at age only 66 on 14th. Fight on, you wonderful people! Sincere good wishes, M. W.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do day in and day out. The work you do has and will continue to change lives in the most positive of ways. Emma

Your strength, fearlessness and ability to continue in your chosen profession to help those who are experiencing health issues is truly remarkable and an inspiration to all. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Gabriella

Medical oncologist Dr Lorraine Chantrill treats a patient

You are truly SUPERSTARS! We really appreciate all that you do and with you all remain healthy during this time. Thinking of you all and your patients. Take care! Gai

Thinking of the selfless contribution you are making during these difficult times for the benefit of others. Stay well. Sue

I can only imagine that treating cancer at the best of times might be challenging and sometimes personally draining. Yet during this global pandemic, we see each of you continuing to advocate and focus your energy on ensuring the best care for your patients so they can be safe – people who are not only likely managing through the most challenging diagnosis of their lives, but are also vulnerable to this viral disease. So thank you for all that you do and look after yourselves too. Melissa S

I am lost for words. To every single health care professional, we send you the biggest thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are so incredibly grateful for your tireless work in keeping our community safe and providing the critical care and compassion to sick patients. Please know that your work is so much appreciated by Australians. We say thank you. Catherine B

Medical oncologist Dr Matthew Burge with a patient

Having lost my darling brother age 67 years to stomach cancer – to all keep up the good work you are doing. Without you all we would be lost. Many thanks. Margaret B

Congratulations on all the wonderful work you do. Frances D

We value the work that researchers do in finding new treatments for the various cancers which allow great hope for recovery. Thank you. Charmaine H

I would simply wish to express my gratitude to the GI Cancer Institute for the enormously important work it has done and is doing for the relief of GI Cancer. I can only hope the Neo-Impact trial which begins this year will maintain the momentum that the 2019 trials have started. John G

To the researchers, thank you for your work. I am 96 years old, thank you for your devotion to your studies. Yours sincerely, Clare L

A consultation between a patient and medical oncologist Associate Professor Nick Pavlakis

My donations are in memory of my husband, John, who died after only 7 months of treatment for pancreatic cancer. His 3rd anniversary is coming up. He was 69 when he died. Thank you and good luck with your research. Lorraine

Keep up the good work. Michael F

Please accept my heartfelt thank you for all your hard work and dedication to your research, please keep up the great work, the world is a better place for having you in it.  Mrs M W

Hopefully, with the help of donations, even only small, your teams of specialists and researchers can continue increasing the percentages. Your work is so valuable and you should all be very proud of your achievements. Barbara S