Sayeda Naher

Our new Research Fellow: Dr Sayeda Naher

At the beginning of February this year, the AGITG and GI Cancer Institute welcomed its newest Clinical Research Fellow, Dr Sayeda Naher.

Dr Naher has had an interest in researching gastro-intestinal cancers, and particularly stomach cancer, since her advanced oncology training. “One thing that strikes me about advanced gastric cancer is that there are really poor prognoses in gastric cancer,” she says. “I think there is a lot of scope to increase prognosis and quality of life.”

Advanced gastric cancer currently has a five-year survival rate of 3.1%. Throughout her fellowship with the AGITG, Dr Naher hopes to contribute to research that could improve patients’ quality of life. She hopes her work will also increase the rate of survival for patients who are coping with gastric cancer.

Dr Naher’s decision to apply for the AGITG Research Fellowship was motivated by an interest in the clinical trial process itself, and a desire to gain more first-hand experience in conducting clinical trials. The Fellowship is an opportunity for oncologists who have completed advanced oncology training to conduct clinical trials in their areas of interest.

“I think clinical trials are the best way to define and see evidence,” she says. “I think this fellowship will give me the opportunity to see how a clinical trial is developed, how the trial runs and what the pros and cons of a clinical trial are.”

Her work as a Research Fellow will be important in supporting the work that the AGITG is doing, and will contribute to our knowledge of how advanced gastric cancer can be best treated.

About our Research Fellow Program

The AGITG appoints two Research Fellows each year. Fellows provide day-to-day clinical support by adjudicating on eligibility, treatment, and adverse affects. They work to design, conduct and report large-scale clinical trials in GI cancer. As well as developing trial concepts and protocol, and securing grants, Research Fellows develop reports, meeting presentations, and journal articles, monitoring and contributing to the latest developments in cancer research.