research priorities

Our Research Priorities: What is key to the future of research?

During 2017 our Board of Directors and management created a revised Strategic Plan for the organisation and its activities including the development of new clinical trials and translational research. In December 2018, our Scientific Advisory Committee set our research priorities, defining the key areas at the forefront of research and addressing the areas of greatest need.

Professor Tim Price, Chair of the AGITG (2013-2020) and the Scientific Advisory Committee, says, “Our research priorities have been developed with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes. We are looking to the future to ensure that we continue to conduct innovative and ground-breaking research that improves the treatment options and outcomes for patients with GI cancers.”

The research priorities are as follows:

1 Thinking “outside the box” for appropriate new areas for research, including pharmacogenomics, pre-habilitation, and nutrition.

2 Rare cancer possibilities, collaborative approach and investigation into potential future funding.

3 Developing concepts in the rectal cancer space.

4 Clinical trials in HCC and liver SBRT.

5 Rare cancer international collaborations for tumour streams and rare basket studies.

6 Mapping and summarising trial activity elsewhere, using this to inform future research opportunities.

7 Registry-based trials.

8 Late-stage trials, particularly colorectal.

9 Incorporation of Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO’s) into existing and new studies.