The pace picks up for pancreatic cancer research

PA.7 is a new clinical trial that incorporates immune therapy in treatment for people who have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The PA.7 trial is being undertaken in collaboration with the Canadian Cancer Trials Group and we anticipate it will begin throughout Australia in early 2018.

Other cancers have enjoyed enormous benefits from the use of immune therapies. So far when used by themselves, the results of immune treatments in pancreas cancer have been very disappointing. This study is one of the first to try combining immune treatments with chemotherapy in pancreas cancer. Preliminary safety information demonstrates that as long as patients are reasonably well, they are able to tolerate this treatment.

“This is an exciting development for pancreas cancer,” said Dr Lorraine Chantrill Principal Investigator – AGITG.  “Finally we will be able to offer our patients immunotherapy in a large national academic trial in Australia. The purpose of the PA.7 study is to compare the effect on pancreatic cancer of adding two new drugs, durvalumab and tremelimumab to standard chemotherapy.”

Watch Dr Chantrill talk about the PA.7 clinical trial here