Paul McMillan

Paul puts Gutsy runners in the picture

Photographer Paul McMillan is putting our Gutsy Challenge fundraisers squarely in the picture.

Paul, Sydney-based owner/operator of Illustro photography, is donating his skills to   capture the efforts of our Gutsy runners as they train for their GI cancer research fundraising challenges. Paul is also joining the team in training.

“When I saw the prevalence of GI cancer across the board, it affected me personally,” says Paul.

“They affect 23,000 Australians each year and claim 29 lives a day! I didn’t realise how widespread it was — how many families it had torn apart, how much damaged it was doing. I was willing to do anything I could to help.”

With camera in hand, Paul has set out to raise the profile of the GI Cancer Institute, increasing awareness about our work — drawing on his journalistic background to tell a good story.

“I started out working as a journalist. At the time, I was writing and doing my own photography, but I soon realised I was more gifted in the photography department. I decided to go back to TAFE to study photography.  After he graduated, Paul started his own business. “Illustro is a photography business I run from my home in Paddington, Sydney. I have taken photos at a variety of different events all over NSW.”  You can see Paul’s work on his website.

Paul told us the team is looking strong ahead of their upcoming physical challenge. “I think we’re doing well. We’re doing a lot of interval training at present. Our volunteer trainer Cameron Paulinich is working us all very hard, but it will hold us in good stead for the Gutsy Challenge.”

As for his own preparation, “I do a bit of training already, so it’s fairly manageable. It is a little tough getting up some Sunday mornings, but 100% worth it.”

Donate For Professional Photography

Having already committed himself to ‘The Gutsy Challenge’, as well as volunteering to photograph the event, Paul McMillan has made an additional pledge.

For the price of a donation, Paul will take a professional quality, high-resolution photo of your favourite location in the city. It could be anywhere — a park, a beach, a cafe or pub, even your own home, so long as it’s in Sydney. Your donation buys you a high-resolution image of your chosen location, shot in ‘fit-for-print’ high resolution. All images will be captured in the coming months.

Any donation will be accepted, but donations of $50 or more will get you a high-resolution image, plus an 8x10inch print version of your subject. All donations will be put toward research and funding for clinical trials by the GI Cancer Institute.

To make a donation, contact Paul here. This offer is limited to the first ten responders, so get in quickly.

To join Paul in the Gutsy Challenge, click here  to find an event across Australia where you can run, walk or ride to raise funds for GI cancer research — or organise your own fundraising event.