Professor Trevor Leong awarded NHMRC David Cooper Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies Award

AGITG wishes to congratulate Professor Trevor Leong from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre who is the inaugural recipient of the NHMRC David Cooper Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies Award. Professor Leong’s research investigates the use of chemoradiotherapy versus chemotherapy for patients with gastric cancer.

TOPGEAR is the largest trial ever conducted by the AGITG. This multidisciplinary, international study involved the collaborative efforts of radiation oncologists, medical oncologists and surgeons to determine the optimal adjuvant regimen for potentially curable gastric cancer.

“TOPGEAR is trying to answer one of the most important questions in Upper GI oncology worldwide, and that is to determine the best combination of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery to improve cure rates for patients with gastric cancer,” Study Chair Professor Trevor Leong said.

Professor Leong is a Director of AGITG. The TOPGEAR trial opened to patients in 2013.


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