jenny shannon acticca-1 trial

Recruitment continues for ACTICCA-1

The AGITG’s ACTICCA-1 trial is studying the best treatment for patients with biliary tract cancer, known as cholangiocarcinoma.

Biliary tract cancer is a rare form of cancer – there are only a few hundred cases in Australia in total every year. This makes it more difficult to conduct research into the best way to treat it. As a result, patients with biliary tract cancer do not have as many effective treatment options available to them as patients with more common cancers.

The trial is investigating whether treating patients with chemotherapy after surgery. It will help researchers to know if this treatment prevents cancer from returning after it has been removed.

Currently, the five-year survival rate for biliary tract cancer is only 20%.

“There is great need for better treatments for patients with biliary tract cancer,” says the trial’s Principal Investigator, Dr Jenny Shannon. “I hope that this trial will give them the opportunity to access more effective treatment, and to improve patient outomes in the future.”

Half of the patients recruited to the trial receive a chemotherapy treatment of the drugs gemcitabine and cisplatin after surgery. The other half receive the standard treatment, which is surgery to remove the cancer without chemotherapy.

As well as monitoring whether the chemotherapy reduces the risk of cancer returning, the ACTICCA-1 trial will also investigate the quality of life of its patients.

So far, three patients have been recruited out of a target of 50. To learn more about the trial, click here.