Associate Professor Jeanne Tie

RESOLUTE trial: a community victory for personalised cancer treatment

As GI cancer research progresses, the importance of precise, personalised cancer treatment is becoming increasingly apparent through our RESOLUTE trial.

“It’s always a difficult discussion in the clinic when patients ask about what approach would be best for them,” says A/Prof Jeanne Tie, who is the Study Chair alongside Dr Julie Chu.

“We see this every time we’re asked the question. Decisions around treatment are big burdens to bear when you’re battling cancer.”

Cancer treatment can be rough when the cancer is aggressive. A/Prof Tie and Dr Chu want to make sure that every patient gets exactly what they need, treatment-wise.

“We’re doing something new – we’re bringing in a range of experts from various disciplines who will assess each patient in RESOLUTE,” says A/Prof Tie.

“It’s a breakthrough approach that will help us work out the best treatment for each patient. We can give our patients the reassurance of a better, safer treatment for colorectal cancer, with more secure peace of mind. If we can take that burden off our patients, it’s priceless.”

Combining local ablative treatment, electrical energy and heat, RESOLUTE is treating Stage IV colorectal cancer with a multidisciplinary expert panel assessing each patient. The trial is a pioneer in cancer research – thanks to you.

“We want to thank the community for putting their trust in the work Dr Chu and I are doing,” says A/Prof Tie.

“We are determined to put all our strengths towards better, longer lives for our patients with colorectal cancer.”

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